800 film<br />
28mm vivitar lens<br />
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800 film
28mm vivitar lens
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  2. cuprudo
    i am very glad you like it
    a comment from you weighs very much
    (especially when it comes to architecture)
    i just knew you were going to say something about the white shiny thing:)
    let's start cropping! :)
  3. yooloo
    hey, "intruder"! one has to have b...s to shoot this. even more to make it look this good.
    don't crop anything, it's great as it is, even leave that shiny thing (just to upset Swann!)...
  4. Swann
    Yes go on upsetting me. It is a well training in self conscioucness. The smear might be part of an artistic concept. Had a friend who refused to remove any dust from his negatives as he insisted it was part of the photographic process, what in some ways is true. It shows always 'ceci n'est pas une pipe' but a photograph. Well, well ... these intellectuals.
  5. rodrigo
    Swann: I have in my library a "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" poster... funny you have mentioned it!
  6. Swann
    Oh yes, Magritte with his painting showed in a very simple and easy to understand manner what Giants like Walter Benjamin and T. Adorno spread on hundreds of very complicated pages. I respect him for that.

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