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  1. cuprudo
    this photo looks like a caption from a movie
    something is going to happen
    any minute now...
    great atmosphere from the queen of colours :)
    i love the quietness and the tension in the upper half of the picture
    aany minute now...
    great sunset light at the bottom of the picture
    delicate and apocalyptic at the same time
  2. Swann
    I agree with cuprudo. Like the image. Parallelity and tilt should either be even or more distorted. On the other hand I like the self conscient indifference in behalf of such square arguments. The exciting scene and the incredible colors make it worth surely. Well done Gogo.
  3. yooloo
    gogo, this is a total chaos. and it's great, because the more one looks at it, the more is discovered...
    swann, i'm glad that you've mentioned "the other hand", that is the part that - to me - gives the picture more drama. strong, thick, vertical, dark thing at the bottom is the only part that gives the reference of normality, and everything else seem to be dancing around...
    gogo, the queen of color? like that..
  4. rodrigo
    too many textures, reflections.. and two main colors: red and blue. You have blessed eyes gogo!

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