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  1. gogo
    this one has the thing,the atmosphere,the cool sharpness,the weak light and the squarish form(i know why)
    it reminds me of "things on chair"hihi:p
  2. Swann
    This one looks good on my second Monitor which is a cheap LCD. On my standard Monitor it is much too dark. Ah, these calibration questions.
    Besides that, a coolish picture specially from the geometrical side. Looks a little bit like these 80's commercials. The light source had not necessessarily to be shown.
  3. rodrigo
    i like the sound of the word "pahar"... in portuguease sounds even more strong: "copo com cola".

    COncearning the photography, well, i admire your curiosity for objects and light (Gogo has an obsession for light and objects): don't matter if the result looks good or not. What matter is the act of photography, exposes an object to unusual light and capture a certain atmosphere that none of us knows: i imagine you found yourself alone in a autuum night drinking a pahar cu cola, than rested it on
  4. cuprudo
    it was my pleasure! really!
    when are you going to post???
    i'm very curious!

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