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  2. fotografz
    Nikon or Canon ???

  3. rodrigo
    Aceastã fotografie spune o istorie. ;) ...did you take many good photos this very day?
  4. cuprudo
    cosina ct7 with 28mm vivitar lens
    starring: pentax 135mm and cosina 50mm and sandwiches :)
  5. cuprudo
    you left me speachless for a few moments
    how did you know how to write and what to write
    I will take it as a compliment.
    it's really nice! like a breath of fresh air
    I took many photos that day, but I really can't say if they were good or not. i guess it's up to you (all of you) to say if they are good or not :)
  6. Swann
    A pretty moment of personal observation. Obviously no Leica gear as I can see but a very nice camera bag. Would be too bulky for me. I am somehow uncertain too if now the Sandwich or the lenses are no good. I tend to the lenses but I am interested too who made the sandwiches?

    I don't like that sheet of paper for composition reasons. It interacts in a distorting way with the other elements. Good are the fine separated three layers of the image, separated with structure, haptic, tone and DOF an

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