Leica III F 50mm Summitar, handheld
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Leica III F 50mm Summitar, handheld
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  2. johne
    @Swann: Your comments are to the point! BTW, how come some post pictures but are immune to comments! Reagan deserves a salute as he did not hide behind his status as a professional and seems to appreciate an honest appraisal. Sorry to gripe about the rules of the site. Johne
  3. Swann
    No need to be sorry. I am wondering quite often too. What makes this site so special are the comments indeed. I appreciate them highly and wish often a much more lively discussion. Just posting and ignoring comments or not even post a thank you is not nice indeed. We all can learn here - Professionals or not.
  4. yooloo
    JohnE, nice to know you're disturbed for leaning to the right.
    i am worried about left not being able to deliver a dynamic right can, but since this seems to be a global thing, i'll just shut up for another ten years or so...
    love the pic, by the way!
  5. johne
    @yooloo: A belated thanks. I just ran across this. Happy holidays.Johne
  6. yooloo
    have a nice and quiet year, all the best,

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