Leica M6, Kodak 3200 ASA film, adjusted in PS.
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Leica M6, Kodak 3200 ASA film, adjusted in PS.
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  2. mbru65
    Jeez Rodrigo, 5 stars! I am sure someone will knock me down to 4 soon. I was unsure about this 3200 ASA film, and never used it before. This was one of the few shots where I liked it's look. Thanks-Marc.
  3. gogo
    you cant be serious...this one is defenetly a 5 stars photo...very "alive" almost like a snake's skin...
  4. Swann
    well, well ...
    Wet things make strange reflections. I don't rate here for I don't want to spoil the party of high numbers.
  5. rodrigo
    @Gogo: snake skin: :d GREAT!!!!

    @Swann: you captured exactly what i most like in this photo: wet things and strange reflections: my favorite theme!... the world is usually quite normal for just normal things and normal reflections.
    the way that the distant "buttons" become white-framed is just lovely. I like the assimetry, the surreal black bachground... is almost terrifing one supose to cross this bridge by night...
  6. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    i love the grain and the contrast

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