A cover : Go to sun in winter for a french magazine l&#039;Express<br />
M3 Visoflex Elmar K64
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A cover : Go to sun in winter for a french magazine l'Express
M3 Visoflex Elmar K64
In the album People Photography
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  2. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    very expressive portrait. Makes me imagine this person in a car stopped at a trafic light and me in the road under an umbrella....
  3. zekkar
    Hey ! you win, I shoot a rainy day in my car.
    This Girl is now a famous singer, and actress in france.
  4. michael seo
    michael seo
    very good..^^
  5. pistolcolt
  6. rainer
    Salut Maîter JZ. Superbe photo que je connaisais pas. C'est Danny?????

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