M6 35mm. Width orginal, but cropped height wise.
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M6 35mm. Width orginal, but cropped height wise.
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  2. reagan
    yes, here, just letting others throw around a little bit of steam...thank you for the first comment for some time relating to the photograph, rather than a personal battle...

    And Swann, you comment dated thursday 18th at 10.50pm is out of order...Critisim is not a problem but that?
  3. Swann
    The comment you refer to was adressed to mbru65's remark about the sexy qualities of this image.
    Sorry I did not understand the rest of your comment: "..Critisim is not a problem but that?" maybe you like to explain?
  4. reagan
    'Looks like if she was doing a gynaecological self examination' I find that a particularly distasteful thing to say...even if it was addressed to mbru65...
  5. Swann
    Thank you for explaining.
    You see, mbru65 was teasing me in another thread, therefore I came back to this photograph though I had almost forgotten it.
    To your picture: As I already said it has its qualities, specially in lighting and composition. Very traditional but well crafted anyway.
    You have certainly realized that I am not happy with the exposition of female nudity. I am irritated by the idea of an (invisible) male staring through the little hole of an optical machine to naked
  6. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    I don'nt enter in the debate ( too difficult in english) ! I want to say that with my man's eyes, mind and phantasm this picture brings me emotions may be because it's a nice women sitting in this armchair! So thanks "reagan"!

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