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  2. Swann
    I like it too and I rate it. Do I really have to mention that I am delighted by parallelity seen in this image? Of course I find a little miscropping and some dust spots in it, but that's fpantimilion as we know him.
  3. Dorian
    It's hard to imagine the place where this was taken. I like the image of distant birds against a grey sky, very familiar here in Belgium...
    I don't want to split hairs, but the one bird that appears right on the left of the upper side of the image is drawing a bit too much attention to my liking, and might just as well be cut off.
  4. fpantilimon
    ideed, crows in the afternoon
    I took tis photo from Gogo's house

    thanks to Swann(indeed, those are Fpantilimon signs :)) and thanks to Dorian
  5. fpantilimon
    thnx for telling me about the intruder crow, I didn't notice it!
  6. yooloo
    crows, it looked familiar. when i was a kid i used to sit for hours and watch them going "home", untill dark... no crows in paris, though. thanks for sharing this.
    where's Gogo, the queen of color?

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