Leica M6, 50mm Summicron, Kodak Supra 400, hand held,<br />
adjusted in PS.
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1571 551 1391 731 1721 1781 1661 1841 1511 1961 941 1991 2021 2081 1031 2861
Leica M6, 50mm Summicron, Kodak Supra 400, hand held,
adjusted in PS.
  1. reagan
    Can not explain why this morning, but I like the feeling of this image
  2. Swann
  3. yooloo
  4. ubermensch
    If I may say, very nice range within this one colour..great values and texture...

    I agree with "reagan"...words are useless sometimes..at least mine perhaps!

    I hate ratings...who am I? However must let you know it is great so what do I do...it deserves 4*...nice..

    Thanks for posting!

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