M6, 35mm/2(1), at around f2, 200 fuji neg film
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M6, 35mm/2(1), at around f2, 200 fuji neg film
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  1. Swann
    I like this atmospherical portrait with its impressive sombre colours and the refined low key lighting. I would have taken away the candles, without them a clear 4 rating. Good photograph and I would wish to see more of your work.
  2. Unregistered
    One could rearrange the entire room and perhaps garner a 5 rating?

    If this is a somewhat spontaneous shot, one takes what one can get. The color, mood and relaxed feel of the shot is worth a fussy flaw perhaps.
  3. Henry
    Thank you Swann and fotogafz. Actually I took this picture at another friend's house, where I am afraid I could not have re-arranged anything. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions. I will be more careful about the environment when I am about to shoot. BTW, my friend in the picture was confident with my lens, which might lead to her relaxed feel.
  4. Dorian
    Very nice use of colour, and I especially like the intimate light on the walls (with the shadows creeping in the corners) and the expression of your friend: posing yet confident and at ease.

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