Leica M7, 35mm Summicron, Fuji Neopan, polarizer
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Leica M7, 35mm Summicron, Fuji Neopan, polarizer
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  2. mholdef
    I just bought a series of DVDs dedicated to self-training on Photoshop


    Hope to be able to cover some of it during holidays but not easy as I am the cook!

  3. yooloo
    mark, what's on the menu?
    like the pic, btw. how did you rate neopan if i might ask?
  4. mholdef
    I rated it 400, but I usually overexpose by half a stop. Polarizer and yellow-green filter also helped here to cut through haze and add contrast.

    Pictures I've posted here on web were created in Adobe 1998 settings in Photoshop which translates into slightly darker photos when viewed with a web browser. The result are "harder" photos and some shadow detail is lost.

    As far as menu, having typical snails and oysters as starter tomorrow night, following by some veal medallions and a demie g
  5. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    Beautiful perspective with the bridge crossing the picture
    the reflection under the bridge is superb too
    i like the contrast in the sky and on buildings
  6. mholdef
    Thanks Yvan


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