Leica M7 - Summicron 50/2<br />
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Leica M7 - Summicron 50/2
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  2. copiapoa
    Naples, old doll's Hospital.
  3. fpantilimon
    i like it too, but i don't like the out of focus object in the left and upper side
  4. Swann
    Nice composition, the undefinable blurred things on top distract me. Impressed by the frozen but expressive faces.
  5. copiapoa
    Thank you all. Something on the top is moving (live against frozen faces?). I think perhaps it is what stressed me.
    Thaks again
  6. ubermensch1
    Cool shot...recalls Andre Kertesz IMO.

    Dolls always make me feel uncomfortable <lol> I don't know why...:)

    Kind regards

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