M3, 50 mm, yellow filter, Kodak tmax 100.
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yvan m3
M3, 50 mm, yellow filter, Kodak tmax 100.
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  2. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    There was a compositional idea about catching the nice looking anonymous girl (looking at the horizon) with one bird flying over her if possible. The chance sent me 2 birds. I did my best, to catch the maximum during this short moment, even if the result seems controversial ! Shure somebody else would do it differently ! Thanks for your comments anyway.
  3. Unregistered
    Kick timing. Will never happen to you again I'd wager.
  4. Zeus
    This is a nice candid shot with both nice composition and atmosphere, I think it is very harsh to say this shot has gone wrong?! However you are entitled to your opinion. But i'm sure the good ratings out number the bad ones in this case which clearly reinforces a cracking little candid shot!
  5. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    @zeus. Tkanks!
    I did not come in this forum anymore because i found that sometimes ( about several of my pictures )there was a little agressive athmosphere...May be your message will change my attitude
  6. Zeus
    @ yvan m3,
    I know where you are coming from, mention no names ;)

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