Taken from Huang Shan, China
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Taken from Huang Shan, China
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  1. johne
  2. johne
    Welcome to this site. Your pics are excellent in technical and artistic composition, IMHO. What camera, lens, film, etc. Regards, Johne
  3. tengwei
    I used a lot of medium and large formats. These format do not allow me to shoot "quantity". So, even I shot these pictures using Leica M7 with 35mm/50mm f/1.4 lens, I only had 3 rolls during this 4 days trip to Huang Shan, China. It was taken on 18 - 21 Feb, 2005
  4. johne
    IMHO 9+ would be more appropriate. Johne
  5. tengwei
    Thanks for the compliment.

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