Taken from Huang Shan, China
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Taken from Huang Shan, China
In the album Landscape
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  2. johne
    Tengwei: While both are excellent lenses in rendition, I agree that there is more subtle personality in the Leica. [Observed on my monitor and in my subjective appraisal]. It would seem that the lack of film on this trip proved to be a stern master, forcing you to be selective and sharpen your skills. Often than seems to be true in artistic endeavor [and in life]. Regards, Johne
    Note I raise the rating for all seven, upon futher reflection.
  3. tengwei
    Thank you.
  4. johne
    Tengwei, BTW, I still like your earlier work on this site with the Digilux camera. It has a different mood. You still use it? Just curious. Johne
  5. tengwei
    No, I never had a Digilux camera. Sorry.
  6. johne
    Oops, my error. I slipped into another's post. My computer skills rival my typing! :) Johne

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