Leica M6, 50mm Summicron, Ilford XP2, hand held.<br />
Adjusted in PS.
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1652 752 1802 812 1832 1382 1262 1892 1862 1712 932 2012 2102 2132 1922 2192
Leica M6, 50mm Summicron, Ilford XP2, hand held.
Adjusted in PS.
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  2. Unregistered
    that was me, forgot to log in...
  3. Swann
    What are these strange holes in the wall? Cannot be bullet marks as to regularly. Maybe something construction-like?
    Remarkable skyline, very remarkable.
  4. mbru65
    Swann--not bullet holes. Something less romantic--mbru65.
  5. Swann
    I am glad about.
  6. fotografz

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