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  1. Swann
    A nice architecture, especially due to the colors and shadows of trees. I am not so content with the tree in the foreground it is out of DOF and does the composition no good. Must have been a lot of work with tripod and metering. Well done.
  2. Stijn De Blieck
    Stijn De Blieck
    I was in doubt between your two shots, but finally I like this one best because of the tree, which serves a to my feeling more important part in the composition here. Contrary to Swann, I think the tree is a vital element in the photo. I would have liked the colours a little bit more natural though, how have you attained these colours?
    All in all a very nice photo.
  3. cybwanderer
    thanks Gentlemen. The coulor are "natural". There is no photoshop manipulation whatsoever. Actually, this is a buiding which is enlighten with green light (a public library) for whatever reason.
    You can see the overall building on my newly born website:

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