A snap of a Nepali's home
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A snap of a Nepali's home
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  2. mbru65
    Actually, looking again, I like the way the blue door frame matches the blue bucket. I think seeing a bit more of the girls face is the thing-mbru65.
  3. william
    Thanks mbru65 of your comment.
    I like the blue frame, at least it tells you it is a house and i am standing at the doorway to take this shot when i passed-by.
    It is a trade-off between the background detail and the face of the girl, i would like more detail on the background so that you can see what is inside a Nepali's home, for me, the shadow of the hens, girl and the lady is enough for me and they do the composition that i want. Just my opinion and thinking when i take this shot.
  4. william
    And i have no 2nd thought explosure setting, otherwise the hen will miss out on this decisive moment.
  5. Swann
    This is a very interesting question you ask, mbru65, why didn't anybody comment? I can tell you why I didn't. To me this is an ethnographic documentary shot and this indeed is not my science. Therefore I keep off although it certainly has its qualities.
    What interests me about the picture are the the little figures on the stairs in the background, they look to me like plastic playtoys and perform quite anachronistic in the scenery.
  6. Unregistered
    First time I've seen this image.

    Powerful and mysterious.

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