m6, 35, Kodak HD, 1/8, f4
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m6, 35, Kodak HD, 1/8, f4
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  2. Swann
    Nope, he tends to be silent.
    I am not too sure if sponsoring is a good idea. I prefer the idea of subscribing - at the cost of two or three newspapers. I pay much more for my NZZ every month - and the photographs in there are not as good as the ones here.
  3. yooloo
    good and valid point, agree with you!
    i just wish the webMaster had time (maybe some guts, too?) to try to explain where are we going with this... i don't think present situation is good for him, either.
    how many subscribers are there at all?
  4. Swann
    you make me laugh with the 'guts' remark. I too would like to know how many subscribers are around. It seems he has to pay little for harddisk space but much for bandwith. Therefore it does make commercial sense if little is going on here.
  5. yooloo
    hmmm... one thing i know, this thing can't survive on Swann, mbru2, Stijn, Fotografz, JohnE, mholdef & yooloo, even if we vere all subscribers...
    commercial sense's not good enough for me, that's not the reason i had subscribed here. god, i'm angry!!!
  6. Dorian
    I have received an email from the "webmeister" and he apologized for the late communication on the change in server space. Appearently a communication problem.
    @Swann,I can follow the commercial logic too, but on the other hand I'm a strong believer in a cheap web.
    The price per month is not so steep, but looking at this site there must be some more serious funding than user fees behind it.
    Anyway, I decided to try subscription.

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