IIIf, Elmar 90, TMZ @ 800&#039;<br />
my kids fighting aliens in PS game... who won? the...
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IIIf, Elmar 90, TMZ @ 800'
my kids fighting aliens in PS game... who won? the fight's still on.
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  1. Swann
    Somebody has to save the lousy world. You and your wife are very lucky with these two children. I hate to rate physical beauty but here a happy 5 for the noses!
  2. Zeus
  3. Zeus
    Hi Yooloo,

    Wonder who is winning? I like this image and rated it as good! but would have rated it @ 4 if the your sons face was sharp aswell, having said that I love the grain and ohh the light on your daughters face is very nice, good shadows. Thanx for sharing!
  4. Swann
    I hardly can find grain in the photograph. As a shortsighted person I love DOF very much, and find it very nice used here. Indeed, I hardly can imagine how evenly sharpness could have been obtained under given circumstances. Well maybe at f 16 and the use of solid tripod or a powerful studio flash or - why not - good old Scheimpflug (my favourite discipline but not with a Leica of course). Don't take this too serious.
  5. yooloo
    @ Zeus - thanks a lot for looking and for your rating! one little thing - if you take a closer look, you'll see that the only thing sharp in this photo is my daughter's eye... not even the hair on the left side of her face, nor her right ear are in focus. at f4, 1/30th handheld this is, i'm affraid, my best.
    there's another shot with my son's face in focus that i could "combine" (even saying it gives me itch!!!) with this one to please everybody, but that would be for another forum, wouldn't it

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