m6, 35mm Kodak HD
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m6, 35mm Kodak HD
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  2. Dorian
    Nice! Yes, you seem to write your G's in a funny way, but I imagine it's not easy writing in thin air without even seeing what you're writing.
    It would be cool to make a whole series of the entire alphabet in this way don't you think?
  3. yooloo
    yes, crooked g it is! like written with a foot. i was thinking between g and q... since they're all accidental, i had to opt for the closest resemblance.
    thanks for looking,
  4. Dorian
    Good idea, but give me some time to get used to my R6 before starting to wave it around in the street OK? :)
    Meanwhile, maybe Swann could get busy on the Chinese alphabet?
  5. Zeus
    LOL @ dorian,

    Nice idea and welcome by me, thanx for sharing Yooloo!
  6. Swann
    I should prefer the cyrillic alphabet where I am much more experienced.

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