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757 787 1807 1837 1777 847 1627 1927 1957 967 2197 2587 1117 2497 3228 3468
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  2. mbru65
    I know this place!-mbru65
  3. Swann
    I recognized it from your photos.

    Here is my rating. What film btw? Great tones.
  4. yooloo
    very good one, ValentinL! to me, it has '50s look and feel, which i like a lot.
    thanks for sharing!
  5. valentinl

    -BW 400 Kodak yooloo-thanks!!!
  6. mbru65
    I agree about the 50s look. That is why I still love it out there in Coney. One of the few real places left in NY. Until Disney tries to buy it, of course!-mbru65

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