cosina, 100 kodac gold, exp 125, 28-80mm
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cosina, 100 kodac gold, exp 125, 28-80mm
  1. Dorian
    Much better without the crop!
  2. Swann
    Strange, I was irritated by the missing ground, maybe I was irritated by suspecting technical problems, on the other version, but now I am disappointed, I find it looks much better without this black wall on the left. And please Papadog, don't ruin your beautiful photographs with compressing, 21KB is much too little for a 500 pixel wide photograph. It hurts me to look at it with these compression damage.
  3. fpantilimon
    this one I like, but the compression is horrible and the crop is too obvious. you butchered the image
    great photo, but ***
  4. fpantilimon
    it looks like a map from Unreal Tournament

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