m6, t-e 135mm, Kodak HD<br />
same wildlife, resized...
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m6, t-e 135mm, Kodak HD
same wildlife, resized...
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  2. yooloo
    thanks, dorian,
    had to take it down and resize it...
  3. Swann
    I too missed the sleepy chap.
  4. Unregistered
    Main subject looks to be a bit unsharp. Perhaps would have also benefitted from a little less depth of field to isolate the main foreground subject and reduce conflict between the subject and background.
  5. Dorian
    mmm... I don't think it's unsharp really, I think it's the feather structure.

    I also think the depth of field is just right here, and don't feel any conflict. The background pinguin is like a slightly out-of-focus reflection of the foreground one, and both produce a play of curved lines and colours. Less depth of field would have created a completely different image, more would have indeed produced a conflict of shapes.

    If anything I would have liked to see it framed just a tiny bit more t
  6. stefan shanghai
    stefan shanghai
    yooloo, I haven't seen the old version but anyway I love this one. It's beautiful! Great clors, and I also like the depth of field.

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