50mm T-max 400 used at 1600<br />
These two were really just friends, even though I had the...
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50mm T-max 400 used at 1600
These two were really just friends, even though I had the feeling the girl wouldn't have minded being about 50cm closer to the boy.
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  1. Swann
    Very interesting shadows across the image, look like pedestrians at long exposure time, but this would be in contradiction to the two young people. Or were they just frozen?
    Considered body language I agree about intention of the young woman. Always hard to tell such things.
  2. Dorian
    Yes in fact those shadows are bypassers, you can see a foot here and there if you look closely. The couple was standing more or less fixed and I was sitting oposite on the stairs of the stock market building in Brussels, eating roasted chestnuts.

    Thanks for your comment and rating!
  3. Unregistered
    One of those that needed a bit shorter exposure time to register the passing pedestrians.

    Sorry, without that it falls short.
  4. Swann
    I simply love roasted chestnuts. But the fire needs to be fed with french charcoal - what should not be a problem in Brussels.
    I like the shadows and I am impressed by the steady hand of yours.
  5. Dorian
    Thanks for the comment and rating. What I mainly liked was the way the shadows created a sort of "halo" around the girl but I suppose that seeing more of the people passing by would not have hurt the image.

    Remind me to make a photo of the chestnut sellers who are just are blackened by the smoke as the product they're selling.

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