M6, 35mm/2<br />
TMZ at 1600 ASA
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M6, 35mm/2
TMZ at 1600 ASA
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  1. johne
    My compliments! A powerful series on dance. With this lens you must have been on the stage! Where was the performance? Just curious.
  2. laurentldp
    Thanks Johne,
    the dance performance was in Italy, in the Teatro Fraschini of Pavia, maybe 50km from Milano.
    I was on the stage, I follow and work with this company of dance, so I can see from close.
    I prefer picture during the preparation than during the performance or the exploit, we see one other side of the soul of people.
    In this case of "reportage", the pictures are not perfect, we don't have light enough, we work with slow speed, like 1/15 or less, and sometimes not on focus. It can b

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