Leica R9<br />
50mm F2 summicron<br />
F8 10seconds<br />
Neopan 1600
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Leica R9
50mm F2 summicron
F8 10seconds
Neopan 1600
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  2. Zeus
    Agree with the monitors and graphics cards variations, I disagree that file size makes no difference at all?! The scan results from my nikon scanner are not perfect but are superb for the price! and even after basic resizing and very little unsharp mask! It still looks much better all round not just the tonal range, than the one shown here once uploaded... Having said that I'm in no way unhappy or having a dig at anyone here or the forum rules ;) Thanx for the various comments without which, wou
  3. Swann
    an often neglected speciality in this forum is the fact that pictures succeeding a size of 600 pixel get jpeg-recompressed while uploading. The picture first seen is the twice compressed and that causes a remarkable loss in quality. If you click on the image the bigger-sized gets loaded, this look better then. As I see above this picture is one of them. Looking carefully at it I find jpeg artefacts in the sky (not to talk about unparallelity but thats something else of course).
    You can i
  4. yooloo
    apologies for being late with comment & rating... where was this shot? looks like one of those cool bridges near docklands...
  5. Zeus
    thanx for the nice rating yooloo! It's the millennium bridge in Newcastle, England. here is another pic I took of it from a different perspective... http://www.contaxg.com/document.php?id=13991
  6. yooloo
    thanks, zeus, nice pic btw.
    i guess londoners got the mini version of it...

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