T-max 400
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T-max 400
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  2. zekkar
    He, A 1930 movie pic great, what lens ?
  3. Swann
    Bracketing is always a very good choice - if you use a tripod.
    Agree, but could be a 50's movie too.
  4. Dorian
    About the lens, actually it was a Nikkor lens fitted on my Nikon FM10. It gets lonely and sad now that I have my R6, so I take it out for nightly walks.
    I must admit after some months of using Leica now that I've gotten so used to it that it's hard to use any other camera now. Good gear really grows on you.
  5. jnswickard
    Very nice--has that Brassai sort of look
  6. Dorian
    Welcome to the gallery and thanks for your much appreciated appraisal!

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