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  2. Florinp
    :) it means "thank you" in romanian
  3. gogo
    great composition and great use of my face...:)
  4. yooloo
    Multumesc to you for sharing this. nice to meet Gogo, too.
  5. Dorian
    Another day another alias eh? :)
    Good photo of your favorite muse, but if you don't mind me saying in your early Amalia photos I found an unrefined force that I don't find here. I think in particular of "Amalia's Vale", which remains my unchallenged forum favorite until today.
  6. Swann
    @cuprudo & gogo
    you find me puzzled. From gogo's comment I must learn that she is Amalia. I always thought these were separate persons. Puzzling, puzzling.

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