Not easy time ! R3 elmarit 180 Tx 400
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Not easy time ! R3 elmarit 180 Tx 400
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  1. Zeus
    So.... first you hit them with the camera then you force them to sit out the photo shoot hehe j/k m8 I love this shot! It's high key, was this intended? either way it works just fine! my favorite from the street kid series.
  2. zekkar
    Thanks for comment,
    No I walk and I shoot quickly by surprise
  3. Dorian
    Sorry for posting a question here Zekkar, but I wonder where the option went to edit photos after you've entered them. This used to be possible, but the option seems to be gone. Have you noticed this?
  4. Zeus
    Dorian I noticed too m8, but also what happened to being able to delete my photos once uploaded? maybe they have moved the delete option somewhere and I aint found it yet? but it appears it's gone :(

    Sorry for posting this question here too.

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