Egret in Central Park, NYC, shot with Leica Digilux.
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Egret in Central Park, NYC, shot with Leica Digilux.
In the album Nature & Wildlife
  1. Dorian
  2. Dorian
    I wanted to add a comment the first time, but mistakenly used the "Rate without comment" function.
    I do like the colours in this photo, but there are a number of problems as I feel it. The main problem is what I would call the "bull's eye composition": when you draw the two diagonals, they will cross in the bird's heart. Putting the subject in the center like this can be a conscious choice, but here the subject is just too far to justify that choice I think. Framing more to the left, and givin
  3. pistolcolt
  4. Swann
    I am sure most users here are pleased if you rate and comment their photographs. What concerns me, I am happy with every comment and criticism is highly welcome.
    The idea of rating is that others rate your photographs. Not you your own ones.

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