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  1. Dorian
    Very nice. Good composition and the subtle greys make for an almost palpable texture on the wall.
    "up, left"?
  2. Swann
    Looks like a very nice building - at least one I surely would like. Great compo, beautiful sky and the complete scale from black to white. Must be a Portra B/W isn't it?
  3. yooloo
    thanks for your comments.
    Dorian, i am as puzzled about the title, first thing that came out of my fingers...
    Swann - thanks for your kind words. no, it is not Portra. it's not even film. and it's not Leica.
    lets say that i shot this with IWIHMLWM (iwishihadmyleicawithme), charged coupled device took care of what film usually does.
    shame on me, i know...
    thanks for your time

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