R6 50mm Summicron, T-max 400
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R6 50mm Summicron, T-max 400
  1. Swann
    You know how much I like architecturals. This is a fine one with some little mistakes; the flash one the left upper side and the drowned blacks, sharpness overall could be better. But I like the yellowish smear down right.
  2. gogo
    very nice,a composition with a powerfull graphic personality.the atmosphere is also interesting
  3. Dorian
    Not even a small comment on my parallel building (without cropping or tripod!)... sniff...
    Seriously, thanks for the interesting comments. I've said it before but comments are rarely as good as on this web gallery. Yes, I should whistrain from eating curry dishes and developing film at the same time.

    Thanks a lot. The building in center is actuall part of the Belgian ministry of finance, for some reason seemingly protected against a missile raid.

    Did somebody die? Wh
  4. Swann
    Go on with the curry dishes. It makes photos look great. Paralellity indeed is very well. That's how I like it and its not easy to shoot without a tripod.
    I am wondering about the silence too. I fear the webmasters new measures like 500 kb upload restriction and taking away delete button for test accounts show effect. It is disturbingly quiet around here.
    Too I try to reach Webmeister for a week now and get nothing but autoresponders. I want to register but he doesn't want the money -

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