At sun rise, 2 towns one sun !<br />
Leica M3 summicron 50 K64
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804 1824 834 894 1944 1974 954 2004 2064 2184 3024 1074 1104 1884 3173 3275
At sun rise, 2 towns one sun !
Leica M3 summicron 50 K64
  1. Swann
    You must have been pretty close to the tower with a 50 mm. The KR64 performs well.
    Nice compo!
  2. Dorian
    Somehow this doesn't work for me. I do like the coulours which remind me of your portraits, but to me the sun in the middle is like a visual anekdote that doesn't really add to the content of the image (even though it's quite a feat to get it exactly like this of course).
    Your negative als seems to have gone through some trouble, but that is of less importance.
  3. zekkar
    Hi, this is a part of a serie on great buildings whith sun rise.
    You are right, kodachrome was stipe by Paris Match during the print

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