T-Max 400 35mm
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T-Max 400 35mm
  1. gogo
    no comment!
    right now I am listening to Bjork's "cover me". it fits perfectly with your photo
    great photo! what more could i say
  2. Swann
    You really make me think hard and long. How can you make an underexposed, unparalleled, low contrast photo make look good? Is it the birds, the depressive atmosphere? I don't know but I like it!
    Would have rated 4 without the branch stub on the right. Pity I cannot rate 3,8. Ah, c'mon a 4 for the birds, they make the picture.
  3. Dorian
    Thanks for the very high score, I really appreciate it. Good to hear you like Björk too. She's a real inspiration to me, and to my opinion one of the most important contemporary musicians. She captures the time in which we live perfectly in her music.

    Thanks a lot for the high rating and the time you took to take up the details. Yes, it's an interesting question why some images "work" and others don't, regardless of their technical aspects. It goes for other forms of expressio

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