by Cuprudo
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by Cuprudo
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  2. mbru65
    Gogo--now this is great, and I can see the large version this time. Great composition and colour. What is the blue light source?--mbru65
  3. yooloo
  4. Dorian
    I was almost ready to rate this a 5, but I think that the first one (which I still can't visualize) is even better maybe. Really a great portret.
  5. gogo
    thank you all for commenting and rating!
    i expected questions regarding the light
    the photo was shot in a orange and blue colored tent. The bright sunlight and the tent did it all.
    thnx again!

  6. gogo
    I posted "portr1" again, inside my album. You can see it if you check all of my photos.

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