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  2. yooloo
    this one's worth tilting the monitor 90' CW! would be great if you could post it again...
    welcome back!
  3. Swann
    maybe you write a short note to he did cut all editing functions here. It is a shame and the more people tell him the sooner he shall repair.
    Nice shot btw and sure worth posting again. Great b/w tones, was it a digital shot?
  4. rexel
    Ill try and post it vertical and also 2 or 3 more off the same roll. Its not digital, Leica R8 Summilux 1.4 Kodak TCN ASA400 at F2x 1/60
  5. admin
    "he did cut all editing functions here."

    actually this is not excatly true. Users, who are not subscribers, can not edit or delet photos. They only have a test account.

    Subscribers and Patrons can edit and delete their images. In case of Swann there seems to be a problem with his account and we try to find the bug and fix it. But other subscribers & patrons can edit and delete their images without any problems.
  6. Swann
    Disagree. At least one other user has complained about the same problems.
    What concerns me: I am waiting for weeks now to get what I pay for. I am not talking about a test account!

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