Leica M7,<br />
50mm Summicron
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Leica M7,
50mm Summicron
  1. johne
    Beautiful example of the possibilities of B&W! My compliments.
  2. Zeus

    I was just enjoying the great day out with my wife, sun was amazing. thanks for the kind comment :)
  3. stefan shanghai
    stefan shanghai
    Nice contrasts and light ('cron 50mm is a great lens!). Great view, too! Reminds me of the usual pictures of Brooklyn Bridge, NY.
    I like it, compliments! stefan
  4. Zeus
    thanx Stefan,

    Still getting to grips with the 50mm as i bought the leica m7 with 35mm. This is the tyne bridge, Newcastle, England... I live about 30 miles away, film was triX400 first time for me using this film but have heard and seen good results from it, thanx for your view, all views are valued as I strive to improve my photography skills!

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