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  1. Swann
    How did you get that close with an M5?
    Thank your for posting your interesting and colorful pictures. To me this forum is great for its valuable user comments that really help you ahead. Many pictures in a row of the same photographer make it difficult to focus on one specific. I am sorry to say that this takes away much of my interest. Must be an overload reaction.
    Despite, I look forward to your next posts which I shall take my time to comment.
  2. kajabbi
    TRhanks for the comment Swann. I use the visoflex, in this case , Visoflex I, A 25mm extender ring, and the 125MM Hektor lens. The film was Fuji Press 400.
  3. Swann
    Visoflex, of course. I didn't know the Hektor 125 mm but it performs nice.

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