Death taking a break during a local parade<br />
R6, TriX400, summicron
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Death taking a break during a local parade
R6, TriX400, summicron
  1. Swann
    Would have loved to see this parade. Reminds me of James Ensor and the ship of fools. Very belgian. Funny contradiction with the poster 'Solidarité'. I would have cropped 2 mm on the left and some from the top.
  2. gogo
    no comment!
  3. Dorian
    Wow, a 10! Thanks Gogo!
    And thanks for your comment and rating too Swann. Indeed it reminded me of Ensor as well, as far as the subject goes of course, not the calibre of the maker. Actually no, I don't agree with the cropping. Especially on top, I liked the framing because in in this way the photo reminds me of a (how do you call that in English?) "looking box" (a box with scenery inside and a hole for looking into it).

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