t-max 4oo <br />
by gogo
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t-max 4oo
by gogo
  1. Dorian
    This doesn't work for me, due to the fact that the goal of the photo (getting a reflection of the photographer in the earring) is so overly obvious (also to the model as can be read from her pose) that it becomes disturbing.
  2. Swann
    Agree with Dorians sensitive observation but wouldn't dislike it. Really improvable is the point of focus; always on the eye never on the collar! Am I wrong? Is focus on both? Collar looks sharper than the eye anyhow.
  3. gogo
    amalia: thank you for the comments.
    indeed,it is "out of focus",it bothers me but the compo was my real goal.the reflection is merely an obssesion i seem po have.:)
  4. Swann
    Hi Amalia, good to see you got your eye at the finder again. Go on cultivating your obsessions.

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