by Cuprudo
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by Cuprudo
  1. Dorian
    To me this image immediately and strongly suggests pain due to the association of the toe and the hammer. I can imagine a whole series of photos, each one combining seemingly unconnected objects to produce a variety of basic emotional responses: hunger, fear, love, lust, shame, ... I'm noting this down in my little book of projects.
  2. Swann
    Agree it has something painful and something faithfull. Would work well as sort of a modern votiv image in mediterranean chappel: Thank you lord for not letting me loose my not so clean left big toe to the seduction of a hammer and a long dangerous looking metallic item.
    Cannot tell if I like it or not but it is different from what I know. Somehow experimental.
  3. gogo
    this site is like the Bermuda Triangle:stuff keeps on disappearing:like my last 2 uploads.I could post an add saying:"HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PHOTOS RECENTLY?"
    very disturbing:(

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