Madagascar - Child Poverty Project
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Madagascar - Child Poverty Project
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  1. Dorian
    I like the expression of the boy, and the grey shades are very nice and balanced, the only thing that doesn't work for me is the composition, even though I'm sure it was a deliberate choice. I kind of like that doorpost and the gleaming walls though, so I wouldn't have taken it closer up, only less centralized. Maybe it was a thing of the moment and you didn't have much choice?
  2. rsilfverberg
    very nice. what camera, lens and film?
  3. reagan
    M6 90 mm. Regarding composition Dorian, this photo forms part of a larger project that I did on these portraits of Street Kids. I spent two sessions photographing them in a very small room, with the window as natural light. Getting them to sit was hard, so I never posed, moved the kids at all. Thats the reason for middle composition - no time or space to move about a look for the best angles. you can see the others on my website if you would be interested.
  4. Dorian
    I already took a look at your web site, very interesting. I understand the reason you name for the framing.
  5. rodrigo

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