Leica MP, Summicron 50mm, Tri-X, yellow-orange filter
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Leica MP, Summicron 50mm, Tri-X, yellow-orange filter
  1. rodrigo
    Is the horizontallity of the picture intentional? Anyway a great abstratc!
  2. mholdef
    Yes, was intentional - at least I framed it the way I "felt" was best.


  3. cybwanderer
    Je trouve que le cadrage horinzontal fonctionne mais personnelement j'aurais joué le graphisme plus complement en redressant les ombres pour qu elles soient paralleles aux bord....
  4. johne
    Cyberwanderer: I wish I fully understood your comment on the point of emphasis. With all the repetitive lines, it intrigued me that the vertical line on the right appears to be almost parallel to the border. An optical illusion? Just curious. Johne
  5. johne
    @Mark and Cyberwanderer: Now I see what you did! Fooled me. How delightful. At first I was disoriented. My compliments. Johne

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