Lone Coastal Live Oak Tree with Mount Woodson in the background. Ramona, CA  USA
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Lone Coastal Live Oak Tree with Mount Woodson in the background. Ramona, CA USA
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  2. mattinasi
    I cannot remember the film, but my best guess is Agfa ULTRA 100. The Shot was taken with the M7 using a 90mm Tele-Elmarit. Unfortunately, the scan loses much of the detail in the image, oh well.

    - Marc
  3. Dorian
    OK thanks, I was wondering because there is indeed quite some loss of definition here. Also there are some white specs in the sky, right hand side, but that is nothing a bit of retouching can't help.
    I like the composition, but am in doubt whether moving in just a bit closer would not have improved the image. The haze behind is natural of course, but together with the sunlight which seems to be coming from the right and at an angle from behind, the hills are lacking some depth and texture to my
  4. mattinasi
    Oh it is definitely an Oak! This valley where I live has many species of Oak, but the Coastal Live Oak is one of the more prominent. I just uploaded another picture of a local Oak if you are really into the Quercus genus, as I am.

    Someday I'll invest in a good film scanner, but for now I prefer to spend the discretionaly money on film and processing :)

    - marc
  5. mattinasi
    Oh, I should probaby mention that this particular tree is subject to the ravages of several herds of cows. Surprisingly, cows like to eat, or at least chew-on, oaks, and in this case they have greatly impacted the look of the tree. Before the cows came the tree was much fuller and the branches extended much lower toward.

    Another view the the same tree can be found here:
  6. Dorian
    I already suspected some damage on bottom of the tree. Interesting to hear about this oak species. I can definitely recommend a filmscanner, I have been using one for about 2 years now and the quality is very satisfying, even if it is not the top notch model.

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