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  2. mholdef
    My reaction was similar to Johne's - about not being in B&W. Not to say that all good pics have to be in B&W, but I think the B&W would have focused on the forms a bit more which are quite interesting.

  3. gogo
    thank you both for commenting! I didn't expect a comment, because I didn't see much activity in the gallery!
    thank you again!
  4. mholdef
    I know - I honestly admit the gallery has been a bit "slow" lately!


  5. gogo
    why don't you register on Swann's web site and post there?
    in case you don't know the adress, it is :
  6. mholdef
    Somehow I knew you read my mind!

    I was thinking about Swann when I wrote that.

    I saw he was "banned" from this site although I completely ignore why.


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