Leica IIIF, 35mm Russian Biogen,handheld, Fuji200
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Leica IIIF, 35mm Russian Biogen,handheld, Fuji200
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  2. johne
    agp, No need to apologize for the truth! My thanks. Johne
    [This is the best way to learn, after all.] BTW, any clue about the apparant "pixie" [perhaps Tinkerbell] to the lower right? Just curious.
  3. johne
    I checked with my processor. After looking the print over, he suggested the dust might be on my flatbed scanner. I cleaned it thoroughly, re-scanned, and "tweeked" the print. Will post it here tomorrow for comparison or go to rangerfinderforum.com and look in gallery. Again, thanks. John

    PS It seems I have exceeded my limit on this site. If interested, go to rangefinderforum.com [wonderful site!]. Sorry about the address earlier.
  4. agp
    Thanks for the responses. I find it astonishingly difficult to get my flatbed scanner plate clean, and there seems to be no produce designed for it. Could I suggest a film scanner. Minolta have brought out the Dimage 5400, 2nd version. I still have the first version, and may not upgrade - the main advantage of the 5400-II is that it is quicker. The 5400 first verion is genuinely slow - about 6 images per hour! (I go away and do other things while it is scanning.)
  5. agp
    Sorry - forgot to say (my sister telephoned!). The 5400 may be available quite cheaply now. Am selling my medium format equipment, because of the hassle with flatbed scanners - can't afford a medium format film scanner.
  6. johne
    agp, My flatbed scanner is a 620 Acer. I have another newer but keep using this as I can manually set specs for scanning pics [useful on my last two books as I did all the scanning at home and sent Arcadia Publishing the entire book on 2 or 3 CDs, depending on the number of prints--over 200 on the 2004 book and over 100 on the 2002 book]. Can't justify the cost of a film scanner yet [but the yen is growing]. Perhaps GAS will kick in soon. Regards, John

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