During &quot;La Semana Santa&quot;, Málaga.<br />
Leica R3, Summicron 2/50mm
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During "La Semana Santa", Málaga.
Leica R3, Summicron 2/50mm
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  1. ubermensch1
    Nice classic shot. The Spanish are the greatest people to photograph. They are not at all pretentious and havent any qualm or care if someone takes their photo in my experience...unlike the fear ridden societies elsewhere in the world. You are very fortunate to have such a great place to learn.

    A bit too contrasty though in my humble opinion. Highlights have no detail, nor do darks. Just a thought.
  2. luisrq
    Thanks for your comments on my both pics, I think you are right, I should improve the positive.

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