m6 35 2.0 f 4, 1/30 sec<br />
kodak tri x 400
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1953 2013 993 2103 2133 2163 1923 2193 1083 1113 2913 3224 3344 4 1234 214
wit konijn
m6 35 2.0 f 4, 1/30 sec
kodak tri x 400
  1. mholdef
    Very nice.

    Could be improved if sharper in foreground and a bit more contrast between shadows and highlights.

  2. poustova
    It is a really good job.
  3. Cebes
    It is a cliche already these stair shots.

    Resist the urge!

    Only a friendly thought.
  4. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    what a spiral!
  5. johne
    Cebes, Perhaps a cliche is only work by someone else. Would love to see examples of your efforts in this medium.

    Wit, Excellent, as usual.
    Regards, Johne :=))

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